Informed consent is an important part of any doctor patient relationship. Now, more than ever, patients are becoming informed about their health, surgeon and operation by doing their own research. They are increasingly using the internet to do this. This is a great way to educate oneself. However not all websites offer accurate information and some even mislead patients. The following websites are suggested and adhere to excepted information.

You may find other sites when surfing the internet. A general rule of thumb is that sites that end in “.org” or “.gov” or “edu” are usually trustworthy and unbiased. Other trustworthy sites are those associated with well known institutions, medical schools or organizations. If it is too good to be true, it probably is. Enjoy your search.


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Our team at Colorectal Surgery Services would like to thank all of our patients and referring doctors for their support. Our Boerne office is closed, but we have expanded our practice and opened a new office at 8601 Village Drive, Suite 226. For more information about the new location and our hours of service, please click here or call (210) 490-2828 or toll free at (866) 259-3778.

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